Baby Steps

FREE 8-Week Summer Program Available to pregnant/parenting girls currently enrolled in Greenville County Schools

June 6–August 3, 2017
Tuesday–Thursday  |  10 am–4 pm

Earn an online elective credit towards graduation

Program Includes
•  Transportation
•  Lunch & Snacks
•  Field Trips
Opportunity to earn a new laptop

Class Topics
•  Pregnancy
•  Education
•  Life Skills
•  Parenting
•  Financial Stability

Make This Program Possible

Any dollar amount, no matter how small, helps us provide this educational program giving teen mom’s the best chance to beat the statistics

This summer program is a partnership between Greenville First Steps and Little Steps. It provides educational, social, and community resources to teens during the summer who are either pregnant or new mothers. Participants take classes focusing on educational tutoring, labor and delivery, infant care, nutrition, peer group counseling, and parenting.

Participants must be enrolled in the Greenville County School System to be eligible for BabySteps. This program also gives participants the opportunity to earn an online elective credit towards graduation and a new laptop.

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