You can enroll in our Earn While You Learn Program at any time during your pregnancy or if you already have children. Our program is free of charge and you can earn Baby Bucks for participation and reaching your goals. Baby Bucks can be redeemed in our Baby Boutique for diapers, baby equipment, household supplies, and more.

Other benefits include:

  • On-site child care during classes and peer groups
  • Dinner before class
  • Groceries to take home
  • Meeting other young parents

If you are between the age of 13–24 and are interested in enrolling in our parenting program call Melena Hood at (864) 616-0376 or email

If you are referring a parent to our program please click on the button below to access the online form.


Our pregnancy and parenting classes cover topics such as the stages of pregnancy, crib and car seat safety, parenting skills, and developmental milestones. Life skills classes focus on financial literacy, continuing education, pregnancy and STD prevention, and building healthy relationships.


This 8-week summer program provides educational, social, and community resources to teens during the summer who are either pregnant or new mothers. Participants take classes focusing on educational tutoring, labor and delivery, infant care, nutrition, peer group counseling, and parenting.

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Peer Groups & Mentoring

Peer Groups give young parents the opportunity to build relationships with families in similar situations. Participants benefit from the positive environment of encouragement and accountability. One-on-one mentoring is also available for more individual support.

Mobile Parenting Program

Lack of transportation to our facility is a common obstacle for young parents seeking our services. The Mobile Parenting Program will bring our successful Earn While You Learn parenting program to the areas of greatest need.