Parenting Programs and Support

Little Steps
(864) 243-8694

  • Comprehensive parenting program providing classes, mentoring and support for parents ages 14–24

Help Me Grow
(855) 476-9211 or 2-1-1

  • Help your child meet his/her developmental milestones by watching how he or she plays, learns, speaks and acts
  • Free standardized testing to diagnose concerns

Safe Kids Upstate
(864) 454-1100

  • Safe sleep education, provides cribs and car seats if child is imminent danger

Upstate Fatherhood Coalition
(864) 241-4464

  • Employment assistance, Child Support, Mediation, Healthy Relationships, Parenting, Peer Mediation, Family Literacy

Parenting Place
(864) 898-5583 ext 25

  • Free, voluntary programs are offered in home for families, including programs for dads, prenatal mothers, child development education, and positive parenting

Greenville Family Partnership
(864) 467-4099

  • Equips youth and families with resources and services, providing them with choices that positively impact their health and well-being
  • Parenting classes available for $45-$75

PASOs (para servicios en espanol)
(864) 455-8847

  • Provides community outreach, advocacy and parenting classes to Latinos in the Greenville area

Assistance with Basic Needs

Benefit Bank of SC

  • One-stop, web-based service to apply for all state and federal benefits for low- and moderate-income individuals and families.
  • Apply at Little Steps with a Benefit Bank counselor

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

  • Provides nutrition to pregnant moms and children from 0–5yr
  • Apply at DHEC. Bring valid ID, proof of child’s ID, proof of residency, and proof of income

Child Support Enforcement

  • Establish paternity, apply for child support, visitation

Foothills Family Resource Center
(864) 836-1100

  • Family crisis assistance, WIC, GED and employment help

SHARE Community Action Partnership
(864) 269-0700

  • Provides assistance with child care, learning development, housing,
    employment and job training, utilities assistance, and more

Women’s Health

Greenville Health System
(864) 455-7000

Piedmont Women’s Center
Greenville (864) 233-3823
Greer (864) 848-1407

  • Free and confidential services include: pregnancy tests with immediate results, counseling, limited OB ultrasounds through the first trimester

Birthright of Greenville

  • Providing pregnancy testing, friendship counseling, labor and delivery counseling
  • Free maternity clothes, starter layette, diaper and wipes

Nurse Family Partnership
(864) 295-7601

  • Free, voluntary program that provides home-based educational services and monthly client meetings to 1st time moms
  • Contact before 28 weeks pregnant

Family Health

Greenville County Health Department (DHEC)
(864) 282- 4100 or 1-800-868-0404

  • Free medical clinic including vaccinations, birth control, STD testing, immunization records
  • WIC Classes and Certification

AID Upstate
(864) 250-0607

  • STD prevention and education, birth control, treatment for HIV, alcohol and drug abuse

Children’s Clinic
(864) 271-1450

  • WIC, Homebound, Medicaid, FI, Birth Certificate
  • Costs based on insurance

New Horizons Health Clinic and Family Dentist
Downtown (864) 233-1534
West Faris (864) 729-8330
Greer (864) 801-2035
Travelers Rest (864) 836-1109
Family Dentist (864) 351-2400

  • Healthcare for the entire family, dentistry, pharmacy, WIC, Children’s immunizations for uninsured
  • Costs are on a sliding scale based on patient’s income

Children’s Rehabilitative Services
(864) 372-3064

  • Medical evaluation and treatment for children with special needs

Baby Net
(877) 621-0865

  • Provides services to children from birth to age 3 with developmental delays or who are at-risk to develop them

Medicaid Assistance
(888) 549-0820

Apply at:
Little Steps (864) 243- 8694
OB Center (864) 455- 8897
DHHS Greenville County (864) 467- 7700
Center for Community Services- Golden Strip (864) 967- 2022
Redemption World Outreach Center (864) 281- 1106

  • Make sure family has 4 weeks proof of income, valid IDs, children’s birth certificates and social security cards for all individuals within the house

Medicaid Van
(866) 910-7688

  • Provides transportation to all healthcare appointments
  • Must call 3 days ahead to schedule

Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Sexual Abuse

Greenville Mental Health
(864) 241-1040

Piedmont Mental Health
(864) 963-3421

Greer Mental Health
(864) 879-2111

The Phoenix Center
(864) 467-3790

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling, LEAD Program
  • Costs based upon insurance and ability to pay

Julie Valentine Center
(864) 331-0560

  • Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Recovery Center
  • Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment services for children and adults